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Andy Lea

Andy-LeaI grew up with many dogs, my mum worked full time in Kennels with 50 dogs. My Uncle was a Police Dog Handler, my Aunts also worked full time in Kennels. My dad kept Greyhounds. My mum later married a Trainer with Kennels. My baby sitters were Kennel Hands.

 I was born with a love of dogs. I have spent all my working life in the building industry and different types of kennels.

For the past 35 years I have always owned and controlled from 4 to 9 dogs of my own. Always high energy dogs.

For 50 years I have watched, read and listened to thousands of people and dogs learning as much as I can and I still do!

30 years ago I took a job looking after a pack of 60 Beagles on my own. I had to take those 60 dogs at a time off lead for walks on my own. This is when I started to learn dog Psychology, because you cannot control a large number of dogs without understanding how they think.

I now go out to help people with their dogs at their homes and teach a better way to deal with issues, that their dogs have developed.

I was born in 1956. I am married with 3 children and I currently own 4 high energy dogs.

Failure is not an option

My training uses the psychology of dogs to achieve a calm well-behaved happy dog, even when the owner isn't around. Knowing and understanding the psychology of dogs is what true dog whispering is about.

Taking that knowledge and using it to help people and their dogs by adapting training to fit with the dog/dogs owners different personality's and home lives is dog psychology training.

98% of problems with dogs are psychological. This is why training of dogs and there owners at there home is so important.

Learning to sit and stay is okay, but it doesn’t achieve a calm content dog. It is unrealistic to expect a dog to sit and stay for hours because we don't want it to jump on our visitors. Or any of the other anti social things we don't like. When we are not looking, we want our dogs to happily except rules in a relaxed happy way.

To achieve this a dogs mind and how it thinks has to be addressed. Any breed and any age dog can be helped become a calm well-behaved, happy dog. I mention a happy dog because an anxious, aggressive, nervous dog cannot be truly content.

My training is based on being a pack leader. But adapted to fit in with your home and personality's. So your dog and you can enjoy each other. My training is quite but firm, fun but controlled.

I currently own four high-energy dogs and for the last 30+years have always owned between 4 to 9 dogs. I'm not a franchise and didn't learn dog psychology from a book. I learnt from thousands of books, dogs and people over 40+years. I still do!

Give me a ring. I don't bite. I'm friendly!

Failure is not an option.