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The most common complaints councils receive about dogs, is excessive barking.

Neighbours cannot stand barking dogs, even if their own dogs bark.

Dogs when they are content and balanced with the right leader do not bark much. Balanced dogs only bark as a call to the rest of the pack. If your dogs bark when on the lead, or excessively when they see another dog or person walking down the road, it is not a natural behaviour. When your dog barks all day when left alone, it is a cry for help.

Happy balanced dogs will bark when someone knocks on the door. Then they will wait or go to see where their leader is, (That’s you). The leader then makes the decision on what action to take.

There are many reasons dogs become unbalanced and start barking. To find the reason the dog has to be assessed along with the home environment. Then the cure can be put in place.

Anti Bark collars do not work because they only deal with the symptom.

Breeds make a big difference. Don't expect complete silence with a Jack Russel and Beagles don't bark. They make music. Dogs are not robots; we should strive to get a balance that is acceptable to the owners that still lets your dogs be the dogs they want to be.