Digging & Chewing

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Dogs dig for fun. It’s also a natural instinct that is more developed in certain breeds.
If you have an immaculate lawn and a pup that wants to dig it up you will have to accept that you have a happy dog and a less than perfect lawn. Digging is one of those instincts that cannot be trained out of a dog. For instance, to ask a Terrier not to dig is like asking a Beagle not to sniff, it’s not going to happen. Humans cannot always have everything they want from their dogs. We have to compromise sometimes. That doesn’t mean we cannot alleviate some of the worst parts. Dogs can be trained not to go into the veggie patch or flowerbed. We can train them not to dig the pot plants. Certain sections of the garden can be off limits. Sand pit can be put down and treats buried there to fulfil your dog’s instincts. All these things can happen. It’s just not possible to stop your dog digging everywhere if they have that in their genes.

Chewing things up is very similar to digging. Teething and boredom are the main reasons for chewing. The pointer will take clothes of the line and chew them up for the fun of it. Your macho type dog, (Staffies for instance) will take them off and enjoy killing them for fun. They all do it for different reasons but it is a natural thing for a dog to do. Chewing is easier to control than digging because it involves single objects. If your dog chews your shoes, I teach you how to own those shoes so your dog doesn’t chew them. Then you start owning everything you don’t what to be chewed. Your dog soon learns what they can chew and what they cannot. Of course, this is all combined with fulfilling your dog’s needs in its everyday life.

Digging & Chewing

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